Friday, 12 August 2011

Complete Software Suite For School Administrative Software

There are various School Management Software which helps the school authorities to efficiently manage their school routines, student details and more. So most of the schools have purchased some kind of softwares and has effectively implemented them within their staffs and students.

It offers a high degree of security with regulated access for different types of knowledge and minimizes manual labor by automating repetitive and regular work. Its major modules include student master, fee management, examination management, HR and wage management, stock and timetable.

EduWare application, Campus care has been successfully implemented in 50+ schools across the country. It is a multi session, multi user customizable application built on the latest .Net and SQL platform. It is a multi machine; windows based application that can take different passwords for different users.

While the Student Master module lets you track any knowledge and have all relevant knowledge about his or her performance and background at your fingertips, the fee management process let you compute expected fee amount, collected fee and balance. Its generates reports of balance breakup in to defaulters, dropouts, concessions, late admissions etc.

HR module is a regular automated administration process that would let you effectively compute wage, income tax and PF details. With the help of School Administrative Software (eduWare) it is feasible to get an idea of your finances with projected and actual profit and losses.

About eduWare - Unique Software for School

“EduWare” is developed basically for an Indian market after doing lots of groundwork  and it can be customized for other countries too. It is of very high quality standard, user friendly, highly scalable, covers almost all school requirements. It’s highly customizable and suitable for any size/type of school.

EduWare is a distinctive application for School management developed by Arth InfoSoft (P). Ltd. to manage day to day school operations basically and effectively by sending alerts by SMS/email, session handling, generating leaving certificates and other necessary activities of school.

So such eduWare quickly becoming an inevitable part and is being used by all the schools around the globe. And eduWare is a School Management Application developed by Arth InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd to manage day to day school operations basically and effectively.

We Provide 24*7 Supports via phone/internet/onsite. We have implemented “eduWare” in more than 50 Schools across India.

Monday, 1 August 2011

EduWare - School Management Software by ArthInfoSoft

EduWare is a unique software for School Management Software developed by Arth InfoSoft (P). Ltd. to manage day to day school operations easily and efficiently by sending alerts via SMS/email, session handling, generating leaving certificates and other required activities of school those are as follows.

Eduware - School Software Diagram
Configuration Module -
All Master entries and Rules and Regulation for the school will be configured with this. Because of this facility any Board like GSHSEB,CBSE,ICSE or any of education board can use this software just defining their own Rules & Regulations

Student Information Management -
With this module Admin can monitor all the things related to students like starting from the Admission process to their Alumni – includes their Attendance, Class Time Table, Exam Time Table, Their Results, I-card generation etc…

Staff Information/Payroll Management -
This module take care for complete staff information including their salary structure configuration, attendance, Automatic late mark penalties as configured, PF Challan, etc…

Accounting Management -
This Accounting module can work as a small module of Tally in which school can manage all daily accounting stuffs like Fees Collection, Day Book, Voucher entries and finally of these will be directly Exported to Tally which reduces the multiple entry for accounting.

SMS/Email Facility -
Now a day to be in touch with parents is very important aspect for all schools. To full fill this aspect we have implemented the SMS module by which schools can send some of pre-defined SMS like absent students of the day, Mass Holiday, Birthday SMS for student and staff. School can send customized SMS too with this module.

Other Utilities -
Data Backup is very important for any organization and we have an automated Data Backup facility implemented with the application.

Reports -
Eduware is having more than 100 reports into it in terms of Accounts, Student Results, Time Table, Fees Reports, GR Register, Student Information Report, etc

If you’re looking for a way to automate, streamline, integrate, and simplify the processes at your school, a School Management System package is definitely something you should look into. I think you’ll be surprised at what they can do for you. I have one School Management Software. It’s called EduWare. If you want to know more then visit

Written By:- Mayank Patel
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