Monday, 23 February 2015

eduWare - Social Media Optimization Services For School

eduSMOeduWare lunch the SMO services particular for the school which is called as a eduSMO. If you want to create awareness of your school and create a strong brand image, then contact to eduWare for the eduSMO package.

eduSMO offer very reasonably priced SMO package for school. eduWare take one time setup cost for the profile or account creation in social media sites. We are providing Facebook, tweeter, Google+, LinkedIn as well as blog and classifieds service.

Facebook is most famous and number one online social media. Students as well as their guardians also connect with Facebook. If we create a school account, we will distribute photos, information’s, events etc. on a regular basis. Public will be like school pages and they are aware about the school activities. Twitter is 2nd most popular social media. Very well known celebrities are on tweeter and they are tweeting their thoughts. We create a school account on twitter and maintain school branding. Then Google + which are the 3rd most prevalent social media platform. We create your school map listing on Google map as well as we create your Google page so whenever who are searching your school destinations they getting your school place in map.

eduSMO additionally provide blogs, classifieds, bookmarking and various relevant profile creations of your school. eduSMO provide below services in SMO.
  • Establishing LinkedIn profiles, groups, connections, ads, updates and management
  • Developing Twitter accounts, campaigns, tweets and management
  • Creating and integrating YouTube videos
  • Establishing Facebook pages, ads, updates and management
  • Enhancing or developing an active company blog, posts and management
  • Implementing online forums, bulletin boards or message boards
  • Boost Your Images and Profiles
  • We communicate on behalf of the company to create a strong customer support and following
eduSMO provide special package for the school which you can see below
eduSMO Package Details
So if you want to improve your school awareness or establishment or branding through social media, then contact to eduWare and asking for relevant SMO package for your school. We will provide you complete SMO service to your school. See our SMO package. You can contact us at or call us at 7574865271.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Best and Affordable School Management Software Demo

Manage a school is not an easy without help of computers or technologies. There are various types of task or responsibility or work to manage the school. There are so many activities like student admission process, student fees collections, generating student reports, staff salary, transportation, miscellaneous expense, accounting etc. Sometime it will be complicated to operate all this daily activity. Think about below questions.
  • If any software manages these all the activities in some clicks for your school?
  • If you any school software save your time and reduce your work?
  • If school software is available at affordable price?
  • If any software manage school transportation?
  • If any school software manage Accounting?
  • If any software manage student and staff attendance as well as personal details?
  • If any software generates ID cards, results, various reports?
  • If any software is easy to operate for manage the school management?
 School Management System

We have one solution for all these questions. eduWare which is Unique Software for School to manage all the daily activity. eduWare is a school management software. This software is very useful to reduce paperwork and save a time. School management software is directly connected to a printer so you can also print directly reports, salary slip in any size. SMS and email facility is also provided through this software. eduWare school software is divided in various modules so you can manage easily and also give access permission to particular person to manage software. This software provides high level of security.

eduWare school software is connected with web based online web portal which is useful to parents. If we update any data in software, it will be automatically updated in the parent web portal. With the help of parent web portal parent can see any time his child results, attendance, holiday details, mark comparisons with other students etc.
eduWare Online Web Portal

You can test our eduWare school management software demo. Add in Skype monabarot91 or you can mail to or call at 07574865271. Try online demo of school software once for your questions.